Periódico Dominicano Libre de Prejuicios; Porque somos Imparcial siendo Objetivo

 Imparcial RD

Cooperación en Seguridad EU y RD Militares dominicanos completan curso armas combinadas y comando de operaciones terrestres

Captain Miguel Caraballo Nuñez, ERD, and Captain Israel Abreu Rosa, ERD, successfully completed the Maneuver Course for Captains (Staff Assistant) at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation @dodwhinsec (WHINSEC for its acronym in English), from the United States.

The training program trains and develops participants to become commanders and officers of combined arms personnel, creative and capable of exercising command of their units. Students learn to develop operational level plans for all types of organizations in different unified ground operations environments.

The Maneuver Course for Captains lasts 23 weeks and conforms to the Program of Instruction (POI) of military organizations. The MCoE is the proponent of the instructional blocks of the Maneuvering Branch that include the Company and Battalion blocks.